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emPOWERing (verb) - to promote the self-actualization or influence of; to enable through the removal of barriers.

As GCPA has grown over the years to become the leading electric power member organization in the ERCOT / Gulf Coast region, we have also broadened the scope of our original mission to include needed industry outreach programs. GCPA created emPOWERing to serve in four critical areas:

  • emPOWERing Women - Established as a new initiative in 2013, GCPA has built a program that actively offers opportunities for support, development and networking to women currently working in the electric power industry as well as proactively encouraging and inspiring younger women pursuing technical degrees to consider careers in the electric power arena.
  • emPOWERing Students - GCPA sees support of tomorrow's leaders and executives in the electric power arena as being crucial to the health of the industry. In response to this need, GCPA has developed a scholarship program to assist deserving students in attaining their educational goals while encouraging their participation in the electricity industry.
  • emPOWERing Industry Leaders - GCPA believes it is important to recognize those who have been pioneers and prime movers in advancing competitive energy markets in the region. GCPA established the Pat Wood Power Star Award to annually recognize an individual who has made significant industry contributions.
  • emPOWERing Young Professionals - GCPA introduced the GCPA emPOWERing Young Professionals Award in 2018. This award recognizes an individual under the age of 40 who actively participates in the electric power industry and contributes to the success of their employer, the success of the electric power market, the development of other industry professionals and provides leadership for projects or activities within the electric power profession.

More Information

For further information on GCPA's emPOWERing industry outreach programs, please contact:

emPOWERing Women -
Cherie Fuller, emPOWERing Women Committee Chair

emPOWERing Students -
Mary Armstrong, GCPA Director

emPOWERing Industry Leaders - Kim Casey, GCPA Exec. Director

emPOWERing Young Professionals - Kim Casey, GCPA Exec. Director